Separation and Divorce does not have to be a costly and ugly court battle.

Using Collaborative Law or Mediation ensures children's best interests are the focal point of your negotiations.

We also provide flat rate billing for uncontested divorces, separation agreements,  & step-parent adoptions.


Whether you are simply needing a will, a power of attorney document or a healthcare directive, we can help you put your estate matters in order.

We can also assist in seeking a guardianship order and use Collaborative Law  or Mediation to work through disputes and settlement of estates and power of attorney issues.  


other disputeS

Whatever the issue, using an interest-based approach to negotiate settlement keeps costs manageable, protects your privacy, and provides you with control over the outcome. 

Hiring Settlement Counsel to focus on resolution while litigation counsel remains ready and waiting in the background ensures resolution is explored to the full extent possible.

Engaging in Arbitration is another option where parties would like to choose their decision maker, manage their costs and have a set timeframe to get a resolution.