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The Cadillac of Options for when you need the sharpest pencil for the job.


This approach to disputes provides a commitment to stay out of court and settle the matter.

Using this model, parties can choose to employ additional collaborative professionals such as financial specialists, parent coordinators, therapists, mediators and many more! 

Consultation with Charmaine: $250 + Taxes

Hourly rate with Charmaine: $360 + Taxes

Paralegal hourly rate: $100 + Taxes

Articling Student hourly rate: $200 + Taxes


Q: How much does this option cost?

A: This is a premium process option. Each party hires a lawyer and the parties decide with the help of their lawyers which other collaborative professionals need to be added to the process to get the best result. Contact our office today to get a quote admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: Does this process work?

A: This premium process option provides the maximum amount of support and guidance of any process option as there is an infinite number of add-ons available to best suit your unique situation. Each professional involved signs a commitment to settlement and must withdraw from the process should the parties decide to leave the process and enter into litigation.

Q: The other party doesn't want to use a Collaborative Law Process. How can I get them to participate?

A: Collaborative Law is a voluntary process. If the other party to the dispute already has a lawyer, our firm can contact that lawyer and invite them into this process. If that is unsuccessful, keep the lines of communication open and reassure and remind the other party that this option is still available to them should they change their mind in the future.

Q: I'm not from Saskatoon. Can I still use your office for this process option?

A: We are happy to be able to provide online consultations to assess how we can be of service to you at a distance.

Q: Does this process work or am I better off just going to court?

A: This process is committed to settling the issues outside of court. Agreements crafted in a Collaborative Law context are put together in a thoughtful and strategic way to meet all the legal requirements as well as any requirements other professionals involved in the process recommend. These agreements can help meet psychological and emotional needs as well as legal and financial needs. This process option is expensive, however, it is often still less expensive and less time-consuming than going to court.


Q: How can I get more information?


A: Contact our office for more information admin@commonsenselawyer.com