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Want to handle it yourself? We're here to help!


Some matters do not require a lawyer, however, you may have some questions or need some help without requiring full legal services.

Our office is happy to assist you with your legal questions, help with court forms, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths services.


Q: How much does Legal Coaching cost?

A: We offer hourly rates for legal coaching. For a quote, contact us admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: Does Legal Coaching work or should I just hire a lawyer?

A: Legal Coaching is ideal for simple matters and for individuals who want the autonomy to handle their affairs themselves. If your matter is complex or if you are becoming overwhelmed by the issues at hand, you may want to hire a lawyer. Contact our office today to book a consultation to help us better evaluate which services will be best for you admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: The other side has a lawyer. Do I have to get one?

A: If the other side of your dispute has chosen to hire a lawyer, you may want to hire a lawyer as well. If you do not want to hire a lawyer and would prefer to self-represent, our firm can provide you with guidance and help, providing you with information and answers in the background while you take the lead. Contact our office today to book a consultation to see if this option is right for your situation admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: I'm not from Saskatoon. Can I still use your office for this service?

A: We are happy to be able to provide online consultations and assistance throughout your matter via online communication. Contact our office today to book your initial consultation and to begin having us assist you from a distance admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: If I am a self-represented, do I have any hope of settling outside of court or will I be forced to go to trial?

A: Using our services to help guide you through negotiations can help you reach a settlement outside of court. If your matter ends up in court, our firm can be right alongside you to provide support and guidance. If you begin by self-representing and decide partway through the process you would like to retain a lawyer, we can either work for you in a settlement capacity or refer you to a litigation lawyer.

Q: How can I get more information on Legal Coaching?

A: Contact our office and one of our staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information admin@commonsenselawyer.com