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When death happens, we are a helping hand.


Probate is the process of proving the Last Will & Testament of a deceased person. Having our office help with probate will ensure you receive the right information in order to manage the estate of the deceased person you are the executor for.


Q: What does it cost?

A: There may be various costs associated with settling an estate.

Court costs for getting the letters probate are $7.00 on every $1,000.00 of estate assets.

Legal fees are set by the tariff the government implements. You can find that information here.

Q: What if the deceased person doesn't have a Last Will & Testament?

A: Our office can help you settle an estate without the Last Will & Testament. Contact our office for more information admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: Seems like a lot of hassle. Do I have to get the Letters Probate?

A: If there are no minors interested in the estate and there is no land it is not necessary to get the Letters Probate. To make sure you are taking the right steps, contact our office to book a consultation admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: I'm not from Saskatoon. Can I use your office to get the Letters Probate?

A: We are happy to provide online consultations. Contact our office to book your consultation and see how our office can help you from a distance admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: There's a dispute regarding the estate. How can your office help?

A: Our office can provide mediation for estate matters. Contact us for more information on how we can help you admin@commonsenselawyer.com

Q: How can I get more information?

A: Contact our office for more information admin@commonsenselawyer.com