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Commonsense Training for Mediators


Introduction to Family Law Mediation

September 9-13, 2019 8:30 am to 5:30 pm daily

321 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK


A comprehensive 40-hour program which aims to prepare learners to effectively mediate Family Law Disputes.


  1. Develop a clear understanding of their own perceptions, biases, and attitudes and how to manage these while mediating family disputes

  2. Learn the dynamics of conflict and the challenges of family negotiations

  3. Learn tools for active listening, effective communicating, and managing power imbalance and heightened emotion in individuals experiencing family conflict

  4. Engage the six phases of the Understanding-Based Approach mediation process to assist parties in reaching creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions

  5. Participate in role plays to practice new conflict resolution skills and techniques specific to family law matters& Mediation courses are delivered LLB, C. Med, Q. Arb



  • Anyone who has taken the ADR Introduction to Mediation Course and wants to enhance their skill set to specialize in the field of Family Law Mediation

  • Prerequisite is the ADR Introduction to Mediation Course or equivalent

  • Lawyers who have experience with family law matters and want to diversify their practice to include mediation

  • Mediators who have experience mediating and want to refine their skills in family law matters



Day 1

  1. Family Law Mediation Introduction

  2. Review of Mediation Basics

  3. Review of Conflict Theory

  4. Review of Systems Theory

  5. Definition: Nature of Conflict

  6. Review Interests, Understanding Based Mediation

  7. Review of Communication Skills

  8. Ethical Considerations and ADRIC Code of Conduct

  9. Practical Application of theory in Roleplays

Day 2

  1. Mediation Process Review

  2. Understanding Custody and Access

  3. Parenting Arrangements

  4. Best interests of the child and framing for child-focused decisions

  5. Interests, positions, and impasses

  6. Parenting philosophies and difficult issues

  7. Practical Application of theory in Roleplays

Day 3

  1. Developing and using checklists

  2. Understanding spousal support

  3. Understanding tax consequences and section 7 expenses

  4. Understanding child support

  5. Asking the right questions

  6. Understanding budgeting

  7. How to gather information

  8. Monthly spousal support or clean break approach

  9. Practical Application of theory in Roleplays

Day 4

  1. How to gather property information

  2. How to calculate equalization payments

  3. Understanding valuation

  4. Understanding equitable distribution

  5. Understanding finances

  6. Question and Answer session

  7. Practical Application of theory in Roleplays

Day 5

  1. Quiz

  2. How to manage difficult clients

  3. How to draft summaries and agreements

  4. Understanding interim agreements

  5. How to consider previous agreements

  6. Understanding high conflict parenting

  7. Understanding further financial considerations

  8. How to deal with common myths and misconceptions


Included in your registration fee:

  • Online Access to the Introduction to Family Mediation Manual

  • Online Access to the Introduction to Family Mediation Activity Book

  • Refreshments and Lunch throughout the course

  • Skills Evaluation (to be booked at the completion of 40-hour course)

Participants will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the Course and Skills Evaluation.


Space is limited, and spots will be filled based on PAID registration Fees.

Course Fee: $2,295.00 plus tax

To Register email: admin@commonsenselawyer.com 


Cancellation Policy:

Request for cancellation must be received in writing. Requests received prior to September 23, 2018, will receive a full refund less a $200 administration fee; after September 23 receive a full refund less a $680 administration fee.

Course Location:

Panko Collaborative Law and Mediation, 321 4th Avenue, Left Lower Level, Saskatoon, SK

Our Course Instructor:

Charmaine Panko, L.L.B., C. Med., Q. Arb., is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator who has assisted in the resolution of legal disputes of all types from corporate commercial to family and estate matters. She is committed to the education and development of dispute resolution practitioners, having trained numerous professionals in understanding-based processes such as collaborative law and mediation.

Charmaine is a sectional lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law teaching the upper year negotiations class and provides coaching and mentoring to dispute resolution professionals on a volunteer basis.